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EFFECTIVE AS OF March 1, 2019

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  4. Description of Services. This Web site may include many types of services and information for healthcare professionals including, but not limited to, promotional, non- promotional and educational information about Merck products and therapy areas, and access to webcasts. All information contained within the Web site is intended only for duly licensed healthcare professionals in Canada and should only be shared with other duly licensed Canadian healthcare professionals with whom the healthcare professional has a relationship when using the “Share” functionality provided on the Web site. The information contained within this Web site is for informational and advisory purposes only and is in no way intended to serve as a substitute for professional medical advice or your own sound medical and clinical judgment or individualized patient care. As a healthcare professional, you should use your own professional judgment in evaluating the information provided within this Web site. We also recommend that you consult with other professional sources and references prior to making any evaluation or treatment decisions.
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